MIMAKI at a Glance:

What Do We Make?

For Professional Use

Inkjet Printer and

Cutting Plotter

We also develop original ink and software that
we provide in an integrated manner with
products tailored to optimally
match market needs.


Functional ink



MIMAKI at a Glance:

Three Markets

Anything other

than water and air

Things created with our products
are all around you.


IP Industrial Products

SG Sign Graphics

TA Textile & Apparel

MIMAKI at a Glance:

Global Business

Providing products to

markets in approximately

150 countries and


We run a global business with about 75%
of our consolidated net sales coming
from outside Japan.


EUROPE 16.3 billion yen

Asia / Oceania 9.2s billion yen

Other 5.8 billion yen

JAPAN 13.4 billion yen

North America 7.4 billion yen

Outside Japan 39.0 billion yen 74.3%

Fiscal 2017 consolidated net sales 52.4 billion yen

Fiscal 2017 consolidated net sales

MIMAKI at a Glance:

Growing Net Sales

Doubled in five years

A variety of industries are shifting to high-mix,
low-volume production. The digital on-demand
production enabled by our products is
expanding worldwide.


Consolidated net sales Doubled!

MIMAKI at a Glance:

MIMAKI in the Future

Aiming to be a

100 billion yen


Committed to always providing
“something new, something different,” we will create
new markets and customers through our
innovative and original products.


Textile & Apparel Sign Graphics Industrial Products

20.0 billion yen

35.0 billion yen

35.0 billion yen

Consolidated net sales 100.0 billion yen