CEO Greetings

Message from President

President Kazuaki Ikeda

“M1000 3.0 –Rapid PDCA cycle-”

Our management vision has been expressed as “something new, something different.”
Using this slogan helped us to create the industrial inkjet printer market by developing, manufacturing, and selling innovative products. Going forward, we will continue to make use of our proprietary raster technology (for inkjets, etc.) and vector technology (for cutting plotters, etc.) to further promote digital on-demand printing and develop as a development driven company that can provide customer satisfaction.

We are currently at a growth stage and accelerating progress toward the achievement of 100 billion yen in annual sales under the slogan “M1000.” We classify the market for industrial inkjet printers into three distinct markets: the Sign Graphics (SG) market, which uses inkjet printers to produce products such as advertisements and signboards; the Industrial Products (IP) market, which uses inkjet printers to decorate products such as industrial products and parts; and the Textiles & Apparel (TA) market, which uses inkjet printers to print on fabrics and clothing. Our goal is to become a global company with annual sales of more than 100 billion yen by providing the best products (printers, plotters, functional inks, etc.) for every customer in each market and by spreading them deeply.

Currently, it is difficult to secure stable earnings on a global level due to the growing uncertainty of political departments and the economic environment in domestic and overseas. Nevertheless, our industrial inkjet printer business contributes significantly to the resource recycling society, and we have a firm sense of mission in expanding our business. Specifically, we contribute to sustainability by saving water, reducing inventory losses, reducing logistics costs, and improving the efficiency of production facilities (i.e., plate less printing and smaller printing spaces). Furthermore, we will take advantage of the future digital transformation (which includes the digitalization of the value chain and leads to new added value), to quickly respond to societal and environmental needs that lead to higher added value, such as unattended operation / labor-saving, high speed, high image quality, and water-free printing. To achieve this, we need to double the speed of various trials and errors. For these reasons, the management slogan for this fiscal year is “rapid PDCA cycle.”

The market for industrial inkjet printers is expected to continue growing. Technology innovation proceeds rapidly, we are expected to engage in fierce competition with other companies in the same or similar industry. We are determined to not be satisfied with where we are, and to continue pushing forward with our business, with a sense of urgency and defined purpose.

We look forward to your continuing guidance and encouragement.

August 9, 2019
Kazuaki Ikeda

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