Growing Net Sales

We are growing our net sales on a global basis by quickly ascertaining market needs and rapidly providing products tightly targeted to these needs.

Burgeoning sales in the IP and TA markets

Mass production used to be the mainstream practice on manufacturing floors in the IP and TA markets. However, in response to the growing need for high-mix, low-volume production in industry, the digital on-demand production enabled by our products has been developing around the world. While continuing to boost our share of our core SG market, we will expand our businesses in the IP and TA markets into a second and third pillar alongside the SG market.

Net sales by market
Industrial and promotional products

IP Market

IP Market

In February 2010, we launched a product with the irresistibly low price of 3.3 million yen in the IP market, in contrast to a going market rate for printers above 10 million yen. This prompted a sudden broadening in our customer base and expanded the applications of our printers in the IP market to general consumer products such as smartphone cases, promotional products, gifts, and novelty items in addition to the conventional printing of industrial products.

Clothing and fabrics

TA Market

TA Market

The sublimation transfer printing method that we proposed ahead of the competition had been winning substantial attention, as it enables the setup of a clean working environment in a small space at a low cost. Exactly at this time, in April 2012, we launched the world’s fastest sublimation transfer inkjet printer (according to MIMAKI research at the time). The printer was adopted by global fashion brands and grew into a unique market within the textile and apparel industry.

Ink comprises more than 30% of sales

Our business model includes the promise of stable sales of consumables. First we acquire market share with our competitive edge in printers, and then this share becomes fertile ground for ink to contribute to sales.
For digital on-demand production to become more widespread, issues involving productivity and running costs must be overcome. We will strive to expand sales of both printers and ink by achieving faster printing speeds and lower prices for ink, thereby increasing their practical utility.

Net sales by type of product

Overseas sales growing, especially in emerging nations

We are working to establish sales channels led by the MIMAKI Group. We established sales subsidiaries in China, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Australia, Singapore and Thailand. We are also focusing on product development for emerging nations. We provide products to 150 countries and regions worldwide, not just the developed nations of Japan, the United States and in Europe.

Net sales by area
Key points!

Whereas mass production used to be the mainstream practice for manufacturing in the IP and TA markets, the need for a wide variety of products with shorter product cycles is increasing the need for high-mix, low-volume production.
Digital on-demand production with our products enables high-mix, low-volume production with quick delivery at a low cost, since it allows printing and production of just the amount needed, when needed, as printing plates are not used. What is more, with digital on-demand production, differentiation based on uniqueness, creativity, and seasonality can be used to add value to merchandise. The ability to set up clean working environments with space-saving equipment makes possible production on city fringes, close to the point of consumption, cutting the time and cost for distribution.
This kind of streamlining and rationalization of production enabled by digitalization is not limited to only certain types of industry. Digital on-demand production is making remarkable progress worldwide, including in emerging nations, as a new production method that resolves industry issues overall, and is therefore expected to grow substantially in the future.

MIMAKI in the Future

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