Inkjet Technology (Energy Saving / Environmentally Friendliness)

Energy saving and Environmental friendly inkjet technologies

Mimaki technology achieves an environmentally friendly production system for future generations.
Digital inkjet printing technology supports to reduce environmental burdens.

Digital on-demand printing system enables to print only necessary quantity and reduces excessive inventories. In addition, inkjet printing system doesn't require cleaning facility for print plates. Therefore, printing and storage spaces can be smaller.

Plateless inkjet printing produces less wastes and uses less ink than conventional printing methods because inks are applied to intended areas only.

Mimaki opened a inkjet lab to utilize inkjet technologies in other industries.
Mimaki developed JetLyzer, a testing machine to monitor droplets ejected. This machine is used for finding optimum utilization of inkjet technique. Through experiments, we develop a low-cost and environmentally friendly production process.

Observed ink droplets by JetLyzer 6 seconds movie 376KB 320×240pixel

Development of products that reduce environmental burdens.

A solvent ink has been used for outdoor signage because it has high durability against the sun, rain and wind. However, due to volatile organic compound (VOC), the solvent ink emits odor and contains high environmental burden chemical substance such as cyclohexanone.
In 2002, Mimaki developed an inkjet printer and low odor solvent ink earlier than other manufacturers, and in 2008 we developed new Eco-HS1 , a low environmental burden eco-solvent ink, without losing high ink adhesion.

Furthermore, in 2004, we developed UV curable inkjet printer that doesn't generate ozone and VOC. Later 2004, we were ahead of competitors, developed UV-LED curable inkjet printer, and its power consumption is a half of conventional UV light system.

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